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Indore Property Biz is owned and operated by Yash Bajaj, an Engineering graduate and a Masters in 'Strategic Management & Marketing' from U.K. based University. An Educationalist in the past, an Entrepreneur in approach and who believes in building and scaling businesses. He believes in taking life in the right spirits and working towards a goal, as an ambition.

With major working, but not restricted to Indore bypass. Major dealings are done in County Walk, Sky City, Omaxe City 1, SS Infinitus, Oasis, Satguru Orchid, Grand Exotica, Skye Luxuria (Nepania) & Skye Privilon. 


For best value proposition and safe financial dealings, please feel free to contact us!

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eXp Realty is one of the fastest-growing residential real estate brokerage firms in North America! Since November'2020 they have started operations in India. Indore Property Biz is proud to be associated with eXp Realty. Hence, enhance reach to whole India and not just Indore.  

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